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TeamReview Problem

Mar 6, 2009 at 11:47 AM

I've installed the Team Review 1.0.8 on VS2008 and also loaded the Work Item using the Powertool and I can successfully create the work item.

I've installed the Code Review Add In 1.0.1 (I noticed that it is for VS2005) 

I've opened an item for edit and having selected a part of the code, I can right click and get the Team Review etc. options.

When I choose an option, I get the error:-

The project you are working on is either not a TFS project or has not been setup to use TeamReview. Otherwise your Visual Studio may be in offline mode.

To setup a TFS project for TeamReview usage please follow the directions on the TeamReview CodePlex site at

Thank You,

TeamReview contributors

On checking the web site, it tells me I'm correctly set up as I can create the work item.

Can anyone help please!!